Opening of Level 58 Viewing Gallery

Jon Cordell, Bluecrow at AXA and City of London pre launch

Jon Cordell, Bluecrows Operations Director was extremely proud to attend the opening of The Viewing Gallery at level 58, 22 Bishopsgate.

Bluecrows completion of this wonderful viewing gallery is a testament to the partnership we have with Horizon22, 22 Bishopsgate and AXA.

From left to right we have: Jon Cordell, Operations Director Bluecrow Projects – Michael Bautista-Trimming, MSMR Architects – Harry Powell, Senior Building Surveyor JLL – James Bell, Director MSMR – Johnny Hargreaves, Graduate Surveyor JLL – Phillip Shalless, Real Assets AXA

Shravan Joshi, City of London planning and transportation chairman – Graham Packham, Deputy Chair of the Planning and Transportation Committee, City of London and Gwyn Richards, Planning Officer, City of London

Photos credit – Brendan Bell

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