Giolato – Artisan Gelateria

A first for Giolato UK and owner Caroline who worked with Yellow Wren Designs to create the concept that is this now a wonderful Artisan Gelateria.

Bluecrow started with a comprehensive strip out of the premises before starting work on the kitchen, walls, floors and ceilings. Once all the services were established within, the back of house kitchen was fitted with units and post form worktops, painted and wall mounted shelving with internal LED lights.

More rear counters which wrapped around the walls included white Corian solid surface tops and painted doors, while a main front counter with white washed stained ash frontage also had solid surface Corian tops.

A wonderful eye catching design within was the the 3 arches with LED track lighting above the fixed wall mounted tables, to match the LED lit arch above the gelato ice cream on show, a lovely touch.

Some kinds words from our client:

This wasn’t just the first project we undertook with Bluecrow, but the first project we’ve ever undertaken at all! I can’t imagine opening our gelato shop without having Bluecrow by our side. Jon and Nev always communicated with us and never made us feel like we were being a bother, and did a better job than we could’ve imagined on the fit out. Mick made us feel extra involved with the whole process by having us come up to the joinery building and see our components as they completed them. Coming into this process, we had no idea what to expect or what questions to ask, but Bluecrow made sure they weren’t just doing their jobs but taking the time to make sure we understood everything going on as well. The entire team over at Bluecrow aren’t just phenomenal at their jobs, but additionally they’re just all-around good people who do everything they can to make sure you’re happy! Our gelato shop would not have come out as spectacular as it did without Bluecrow, and I can’t wait to work with them again in the future. 

Giolato London, by Bluecrow Projects

A wall of five arched head mirrors can be seen as you enter Giolato, these mirrors not only make the whole space look bigger but are complemented by the banquette seating and the fret cut cnc panels below.

A quote from the director at Yellow Wren Design:

‘Giolato has been the second collaboration between Yellow Wren design and the Bluecrow team, we are sure, the second of many! From a designer’s point of view, we can approach a project with confidence and excitement, we know a Bluecrow project will be a delight to work on from start to finish. The team are always committed, conscientious and proactive, their quality of finish and attention to detail is outstanding. Our client was so pleased with the result, and a happy client is what it is all about! Thank you Bluecrow, it was an absolute pleasure, you didn’t disappoint.’

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