Glass House
Brick Lane

The latest instalment from Adam and Z he, a new community space for people to work and collaborate together during the day and then socialise during the evening.

Just like their previous achievements and again designed by Z he herself, the glass fronted building incorporates spaces for hot desking, with a large terrazzo counter supplying fresh coffee during the day and cocktails and beer in the evening and glass-encased recording studio for live podcasting.

A major focal point within the Glass House is The LED strip lighting. This, another great design from Z he, runs through ten’s of metres of galvanised piping and whilst standing out, isn’t obtrusive and can be dimmed down in the evenings while socialising.

Bespoke counter tops at the rear of the bar support the locally brewed beers and spirits, while the large bespoke terrazzo main counter combines a bespoke concrete block frontage for all to see.

The huge lighting scheme designed by Z he, runs through metres of galvanised piping with dimmable LED fittings, allows for effortless control.

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