Kiss The Hippo

Kiss The Hippo – their first coffee house located in Richmond, London.

This fit-out was rather special, not only because it was the first for KTH but because it was a total strip out of the existing property on many floors. Various obstacles in the way with this old building, all of which were overcome with the Bluecrow Team.

The basement, ground floor, first floor and top floor offices were all stripped out and refitted to an exceptional high standard. The ground floor has the main coffee shop which includes a room enclosed behind a see through glass wall to house the huge coffee roasting machine.

The first floor houses not only a seating area for all to enjoy, but also another room behind glass to allow barista’s train.

Finishes included all wooden shelves and tables in birch ply, large viewing glass areas and with a white washed interior, giving a real definition on minimalism. A real finishing touch was the floor, gold resin highlights in the bespoke cracked floor, a method used to create the effect is called kintsugi, which means to “repair with gold”, a must see while you wait for your coffee.

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