north audley cantine

Challenge accepted…Under the watchful eye of the design team from Gundry & Ducker transform a dark timber clad basement bar under the renowned North Audley Cantine restaurant in London’s Mayfair into a bright elegant basement eatery and bar.

All on an incredibly tight schedule and oh…the restaurant upstairs had to stay open throughout! Where is Aneka when you need her?

Out went the deep dark timber panelling and bar, out went the tired timber floor to be replaced with light and airy pastel shades, luxurious velvet banquette and new zinc clad bar and waiter station. Elegant curves and clever mirrored frames now give the room a deceptively spacious and light feel. Bespoke lighting by Rankine MacGregor provides appropriate mood settings in which to relax and enjoy the high quality food and wine the restaurant is renowned for.

Another gem in the Bluecrow Crown!

Photos courtesy of: Andrew Meredith @andrewmeredithphoto

Shoryu Ramen January 5, 2018 The Blue Posts February 13, 2018