Bluecrow Projects embarked on a new exciting project in an empty shell underneath a block of flats just outside Brockley station.  parlez – a new concept of bringing friends together for simple, unpretentious food with clients Matt and Louis.

The project was part of another collaboration with designers Blacksheep which featured some interesting and unique finishes including a patinated zinc bar tops, a process that involves treating zinc with a chemical to give an ‘aged look’, a clear lacquered concrete floor and exposed concrete walls.

Issues that had to be worked around were the 11m continuous mild steel gantry that was delivered to site in pieces, which then had to be fixed together on spigots, then fixed to the ceiling using threaded rods and unit-strut. The finished article looks simply stunning.

What do you think to the 11m continuous mild steel gantry? looks stunning don’t you think.

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