Sci Buy Offices

Following huge success of the company, The Sci Buy Team employed Bluecrow to act as main contractor less than a year on from the successful first fit-out.

An 8 week job including complete strip-out of the existing premises again working with Project office, the brief being to help create a comfortable yet vibrant office over 3 floors.  Many features within this fit-out included acoustic glazing and acoustic ceiling panels, to effectively give staff the chance to hold meetings and interact without breaking the concentration of those around the multi-floored workspace.

Particularly attractive features are the free-standing timber balustrades and white washed pine screens as well as terrazzo tables and sprayed mild steel, similar to the attractive features utilised in the first fit-out.

Great open spaces with natural light allowing your inner creativity to flourish while in a peaceful and pastel office.

Terrazzo kitchen worktop with matching splash back and bespoke cabinets, one of the many effective spaces where employees can relax together over coffee.

Wuns Tea Room August 16, 2019 Yifang Tea October 16, 2019