Shoryu Ramen

Shoryu Ramen
Great Eastern St

In July 2017 Bluecrow trod familiar territory and started on site for the latest Shoryu project, this time in Great Eastern Street Shoreditch, another successful project involving Blenheim Design, Leon Jaeggi Group and Alpollo Air.

There was plenty of enabling/general construction works to be done prior to the business end of the programme with structural steel installed to allow for a new staircase and supporting blockwork walls housing a micro-lift system.

Particularly interesting features included in the restaurant were: the Chelsea yellow brick slip walls;  A honed mazano stone clad bar and a “saki” box display feature; 300 saki boxes fixed through steel uprights secured to the walls behind the fixed seating illuminated with LED strip lighting and some beautiful red wood tables and leaner bars.

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