The Blue Posts, Chinatown

Over an 11 week period the Bluecrow Team worked with renowned restauranteurs Zoe and Layo Paskin and Archer Humphryes Architects to create the stunning Blue Posts, a jewel in London’s Chinatown.

This latest addition to Zoe and Layo’s portfolio adds further class and style to it’s sisters, The Palomar, The Barbary and relative youngster Jacob the Angel, and remarkably completes 3 in a row on Rupert Street for Bluecrow Projects!

3 floors, 3 completely different styles, offering a sensual kaleidoscope of texture colour and atmosphere. From the classic Blue Posts Bar with its commanding pewter topped oak bar and delicate food pass in oak and marble, to the respectfully named Evelyn’s Table, a private dining room with seating for 11 at a marble counter overlooking the vibrant kitchen and finally the first floor Mulwray cocktail bar with its decadent fabrics, rich timbers, reflections on yesterday’s architecture, vast wine display and elegant marble bar.

The names….  The owners chose to give reverence to the character played by Faye Dunaway in the film Chinatown… Evelyn Mulwray.

Some images courtesy of: James Evans

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