..: Things We Like :..

On this page we will post “Things We Like”.
The Bluecrow Team sees many different items, materials, fixtures and fittings used by clients and designers during
the shopfitting process, we thought it would be nice to share them with you.

Slick Design of Sustainable Building

June 2, 2020

Opening in early Spring of 2020, the Poole Gateway building was designed to be environmentally friendly with a number of…

Clean vehicle, clean site!

April 21, 2020

Here at Bluecrow we like to pride ourselves on clean sites when working on our fit-outs, and our company vehicles…

One man and his dog

March 16, 2020

Jason our buyer at Bluecrow all ready to go, working from home with his bodyguard at the window. #bespokebybluecrow #stillworking

A sign of the times

March 12, 2020

We love a little research on historical things found during our shopfitting journey. This one came while working on one…

A darker side of Bluecrow

February 25, 2020

Jason found something which made him think of Bluecrow, even if it is from the dark side.. #Crow #DarkSide

The NFL – never do things by halves

January 19, 2020

Sights from the Kansas City Chiefs Arrowhead Stadium!

the man in the arena

January 15, 2020

A little snippet from our resident John Cordell – something he liked….

what’s that in a hat?

December 13, 2019

Pigeon I hear you say? yes, apparently Pigeon’s all over Texas are popping up with Cowboy hats on.. Don’t believe…

no mirror needed

November 19, 2019

Classic….no need to say a thing…..

What is this for??

November 18, 2019

What is this for I hear you say? have you been guessing? or did you know from the moment you…

England winning in the autumn sun

September 27, 2019

Things we like – watching England winning in the Autumn sun at Canary Wharf on a big screen! #ComeOnEngland #England…

the NFL – Ravens

September 9, 2019

There are a few of us here at Bluecrow who follow the NFL, and this year it’s a special 100th season…

Three in a row…

August 19, 2019

Three in a row, need I say more? Bill loves the fact that Bluecrow have managed to fit-out three iconic…

Crow intelligence / facts

August 6, 2019

Crows, with a brain about the size of a human thumb are among the smartest animals in the world. Here are just…

Blueprint history of alternative music

August 1, 2019

Something Kevin likes… The concept the colours and of course the music! Kevin found this online, but also gave a…

Lucky Cat head chef represents Bluecrow!

July 25, 2019

Benjamin Orpwood – Lucky Cat head chef represents Bluecrow in one of our team shirts! A great shot taken by…

site managers excitement

June 7, 2019

As you can see from Jon’s face, we are as excited about the opening of our latest project – Gordon…

Stunning Hand Rails

May 29, 2019

Another gem Simon found on his travels when at our fabricator’s! Bespoke handmade handrails for a luxury restaurant fit-out. #simonlikes…

Another Site visit

May 22, 2019

Simon attends many site visits during the working week and often takes images of things that stand out to him….

Japanese Chopsticks

May 9, 2019

A little something from Kevin – This image of Japanese chopsticks using traditional Japanese wood jointing techniques gets me very…