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[ev_icon_item item_skin=”default” item_type=”type1″ head_text=”shopfitting” head_text_color=”” css_animation=”” item_icon=”icomoon icomoon-hammer2″]You have a concept for a new restaurant, salon or retail venture? – We are experienced in all of these and can deal with the many complex challenges which may arise, but always deliver what our clients can be proud of.[/ev_icon_item]
[ev_icon_item item_skin=”default” item_type=”type1″ head_text=”Refurbishment” head_text_color=”” css_animation=”” item_icon=”icomoon icomoon-remove”]From a lick of paint to brighten things up, to a total strip out and re-fit, Bluecrow are experienced with the potentially stressful time this can be. We can work effectively when your trading stops, to ensure your downtime is kept to a minimum.[/ev_icon_item]
[ev_icon_item item_skin=”default” item_type=”type1″ head_text=”Project Management” head_text_color=”” css_animation=”” item_icon=”icomoon icomoon-stats3″]Allowing Bluecrow to manage your project is not a bad thing, you will be safe with us. Our Project Managers will take
your design through all the crucial phases of costs, suppliers, sub-contractors and negotiations.
We programme the work as well as manage all aspects of health and safety.[/ev_icon_item]
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