Glass House

Bluecrow have had the pleasure of working with Z he and Adam on a few projects in the past, all of which are designed by Z he, herself, and this project was no different.

Just a stones throw away from the Glass House, Brick Lane, the team behind Wuns Tea Room, Bun House and the Glass House wanted to create a ground floor bookshop with an open kitchen, a bespoke brick counter with a brand new state of the art dual podcast studio.

The biggest task the team had to undertake was to cut a large hole in the floor for another staircase to the new events area, the team then installed a new bespoke staircase supplied by Bluecrow Joinery.

A stunning new shopfront was installed made from solid oak with an Omnia clear top coat and 6mm toughened glass. An interesting addition was the acrylic box located in the window to allow drop off’s of used books.

The sublime new counter made from bricks in a rather ornate pattern located at the entrance to the new bookshop/podcast studio in Brick Lane.

A fresh new look with the a bespoke stained solid oak shopfront with an Omnia clear top coat and a black powder coated edge Acrylic box to return borrowed books. Wonderfully created from the Bluecrow Joinery team.

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