Bar Swift

This is a first for Bluecrow Projects working alongside the team at Daytrip Studios who created the concept for Swift Cocktail bars – A stunning new cocktail bar in Shoreditch from the team behind the successful cocktail bar in Soho.

This detailed project comprised of a new shopfront,  a large new bar with round top nosing including a special enamel top with a brass inlay trim, fixed seating, bespoke continuous wall panelling with contrasting feature fabric panels and new fixtures and finishes throughout.

We were very impressed with the shopfront design which features three different types of textured glass, a very nice touch and pleasing to the eye.

The wonderful bespoke bar from our joinery workshop can be seen in detail with its round bar top nosing incorporating a bespoke enamel top and a brass inlay trim – only one manufacturer in the UK for this bespoke enamel top.

Time Lapse video

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