Kwant 2.0 – Stratton Street. As you enter through the Rattan and Oak cloakroom, upon the herringbone terracotta floor, you stand in awe at the and high ceilings clad with individual illuminated handmade Rattan ceiling panels, also dressed in oak.

The large space consists of bespoke seating to cater for 50 covers, where you can relax upon armchairs or banquette seating upholstered in Italian fabric while viewing the 14m long wall where a hand-painted mural, inspired by Polynesian Tapa, ooze class and sophistication.
Overall, a project we are incredibly proud to have been a part of.

The project team did very well and I am very pleased with it. Bluecrow in particular did an amazing high quality job. So far customer feedback has been very positive, with guests being particularly interested in the unusual design of the bar.   Erik Lorincz – Owner

A very special stainless steel main bar was designed by Erik Lorincz to suit his needs when it comes to creating his world-famous cocktails. This incorporated fluted oak panelling, a bespoke brass lighting gantry, all surrounded by wonderful forest green Indian flooring made from one slab of marble.

Fluted wall panelling, solid window shutters, bladed doors and screens comprise of both horizontal and vertical patterns, all of which are bespoke hand-made in solid oak.

A major feature and challenge was the illuminated wooden rattan panelled ceiling. Illuminating the ceiling panels individually, whilst hiding all fixings for suspension and sprinklers, was essential to the design.

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